IMPORTANT: If you are keying information in your web organizer, turn "cookies" ON to ensure your work is saved.

Click here to enter your client portal.


Please email to request a client portal.

You will receive an email notifying you that your portal has been created and providing instructions on how to register your account.

After you have registered your account, you can access the portal through using your login information.

Click on your name

  • To update your email address
  • To reset your password
    • To reset your password, enter the new password then confirm the new password. Your password must contain at least seven characters, including at least one alpha character (upper or lower case) and at least one numeric character. Security question(s) may be set up in case you forget your password. Click “OK” or “Enter” to save changes.

Use File Exchange

  • To post a document to share with SPE
    • On the left click on File Exchange
    • In the center click on a folder
    • Now you will see an option to upload. Click there
    • Drag all files that you want to upload to the center box
    • Click “Upload"
    • When your document(s) is uploaded, SPE staff will receive a notification that it has arrived. They will then be able to view, print or save your document.
  • To receive a document(s) from SPE
    • When SPE publishes a document(s) to your portal, you will receive a notification via email.
    • You should review documents published to your portal by SPE. Download documents you wish to save onto your system as soon as possible.

Portal Maintenance

  • Documents that you upload into the portal are saved into our files as necessary and subsequently removed from the portal.
  • Documents that are published to your portal by SPE are unpublished periodically as part of our portal maintenance.
  • For your convenience, tax returns that are published to the portal may remain on the portal until the following year’s tax return is prepared.

General Information

  • Help is available for each screen. Help can be found to the right of your name.
  • Whether uploading documents to SPE or reviewing documents from SPE, always “Sign Out” of your session.
  • Documents are encrypted providing a secure environment for exchanging documents. Most ISP’s download speeds are faster than upload speeds. If you are uploading a document, it may take longer.
  • The speed in which files transmit is dependent upon the size of the document, the resolution of the document and your Internet speed.

** If you requested a web organizer you should see an orange "Tax Organizer" link below Documents**